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DVD Cover for Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor

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Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor Live

This play was recorded in front of a live audience. It was released on DVD January 13, 2009. It stars Altrina Grayson, Tamar Davis, Tony Grant, and Palmer E. Williams Jr. as Floyd.


Acclaimed urban playwright Tyler Perry explores the hardships of marriage and the benefits of working through our daily problems in this stage drama about the stressful union between a hard-working accountant and his loving wife, a harried marriage counselor. Roger Jackson works hard to support his family, a group that includes not only his ivy-league educated wife Judith, but his ganja-smoking father Floyd and her bible-totin' mother T.T. as well. Meanwhile, Judith doles out thoughtful advice to troubled couples every day, yet remains completely powerless when it comes to addressing the issues of her own troubled marriage. When an old college friend drops by her office, Judith faces her biggest personal challenge to date.


Tony Grant as Roger Jackson

Tamar Davis as Judith Jackson

Altrina Grayson as T.T.

Palmer E. Williams as Floyd

Myra Beasley as Michelle

Donny Sykes as Oscar

Johnny Gilmore as Rev. Tank Washington

Brandi Milton as Patrice

Stephanie Ferrett as Becky

Nicole Jackson as Lisa

Timon Kyle Durett as Ronald