Sonny Andrews
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Sonny and Madea in Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail The Play


African American




Vanessa (Divorced), Wanda


Victoria Breaux, Angela Andrews (mentioned in Madea's Family Reunion)


Irene Andrews and an Unknown Father

Other Family

Madea, Cora, Helen, Shirley, Brian, and Joe.

Potrayed by

Christian Keyes


Sonny Andrews is Madea's nephew and Irene's son. He is approximately in his late twenties or early thirties of age.

Background InformationEdit

Sonny is the younger child of Irene Andrews at which Madea was on bad terms with before she died. By the time Sonny was born, Irene had changed her life and got saved and she was more of a mother towards him as opposed to her older sister, Victoria Breaux. It is unknown if his father was in his life. During high school, he was friends with Wanda and he dated a girl named Vanessa to Wanda's dismay secretly. Over time, he went to college briefly until he married Vanessa and dropped out to helped her through school with his corrections officer career. She eventually finishes her undergraduate degree, and around the time she was working on her graduate studies, they had a son.

Madea Goes to Jail(The Play)Edit

Sonny is a correctional officer at the county jail where his aunt, Madea, was incarcerated. Sonny was married to his wife, Vanessa, until he found out she was having an affair with his boss, Nate. And after finding that she has been having an affair and that his son is not biologically his, he divorces Vanessa. Later, Vanessa signs over her parental rights. He ends up dating Wanda, and the child he raised as his son as his own because he has grown attached to him after so much time bonding.




  • It is highly likely that Sonny and Victoria have different fathers. Due to their different upbringings from their mother, it is also likely they didn't share much of a sibling relationship and are atleast ten years apart in age.