Shemar is the infant child of Tina making her another one of Madea's great-grandchildren.

Madea's Family Reunion(The Play)Edit

Shemar is seven months old and still a baby. Tina comes to Madea's house with the baby and the baby is quiet the entire time. Madea asks Tina if she feed and changed her, but she takes the baby in the house because she doesn't believe her.

Later, Cora asks Madea to hold the baby and she doesn't hold her head making Cora hysterical. Madea bumps the baby's head on the door frame accidentally, but Shemar doesn't even let out a cry.

Tina accuses Kevin of sexually assaulting her, and also claims he is her baby's father which further upsets Jackie. Later, Madea pricks Kevin's finger to get blood. While Kevin and Jackie disagree, Madea takes the baby and sings, "Rock-a-bye baby on the tree tops, we going to the client to see who was on top." She comes back and finds out for sure that Tina was lying saying I talked to DNA and she said it's not a match with Kevin.


  • Madea (Great Grandmother)
  • Cora (Grandmother)
  • Tina (Mother)
  • Tyrone (Father)
  • Lisa (Aunt)


•Shemar was not played by an actual baby, but rather a doll wrapped in blankets and usually seated in a car seat.