Michelle is the mother of Vianne and Maylee's deceased mother. She is Madea's first child with Johnny Simmons. She was also mentioned in Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself The Play. Madea often mentions regarding her oldest daughter as the problem child that when she tried to call the police, she hit her so hard, she dial 9-19.


it is unknown how she died, but she was Madea's oldest child and daughter. Michelle was a drunk, drug addict and prostitute who didn't care about anybody, but herself, like her Aunt Irene (Madea's sister). She had her two daughters by two different men. She neglected and abused her daughters. She had Maylee's virtue taken in a selfish bid for drugs. Consequently, Her daughter Maylee, became pregnant at thirteen and had her granddaughter, Keisha Griffin, at fourteen by an unknown father that raped Maylee.

From Michelle, the a certain generational curse is going through the maternal side. This consist of which women lack the validation of a father figure, are neglected, and grown up with a lack of self esteem. From all those elements, they get the validation from men outside of that family and men that may not court them, but they end up baring their child without commitment. Her granddaughter, Keisha, during I Can Do Bad All By Myself (The play) becomes pregnant from a boy at school named Kelly, and is well into her pregnancy. That would make the late Michelle a great-grandmother.


  • Madea (Mother)
  • Cora (Younger Sister)
  • Vianne (Older Daughter)
  • Maylee (Younger Daughter)

Nicki(adopted sister)


  • She is Madea's oldest daughter making her Cora's older sister.
  • It's unknown how or when she died.
  • It is heavily implied many times that Michelle was Madea's problem child and she had the most disciplinary problems with her.
  • She is very similar to her Aunt Irene as she selfishly sacrificed her children for drugs and was very promiscuous. Michelle is also like her cousin, Victoria Breaux, as she sacrifice Maylee's innocence like Victoria sacrificed Vanessa's. This may be a common family trait among the women.