Isaac is the romantic interest of Donna. he is portrayed by Henry Simmons.

Madea's Family Reunion (the film)Edit

Isaac is first seen struggling with Madea's lawn mower and antagonized by Joe. Brian arrives with Madea and Nicki and he greets them.

He is later seen playing basketball teamed up with Brian Baker and Frankie against a three other family members at the family reunion. He asks Brian how Debrah is doing. Brian says she is doing alright. Right before Isaac can go in and speak to her, Isaac stops him saying he doesn't want to be trapped in there with the woman in there.

Hidden CutsceneEdit

In a deleted scene, Donna leaves Isaac to speak with his father about their past. Isaac appears to have a strained relationship with his father. In a later scene after Myrtle gives a speech to the entire family concerning their heritage, they are seen hugging each other in the background.