"You know you gon' need a best man, right?" -to Josh

Chuck asking to be Josh's best man at the wedding.


Chuck is a supporting protagonist in Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail (film). He is friends and colleagues with both attorneys, Joshua and Linda.


Chuck's past is unknown during the film, but what is known that Linda and himself took the bar test to become lawyers around the same time and she has proof that he cheated. It is unknown how he cheat or if she was involved with his cheating. She didn't say anything and they both became lawyers, but strangely, he would be more vague and brief around her about his affairs.

Madea Goes to Jail (Film)Edit

In the beginning of the film, he is watching the video of the cops chasing Madea with his colleagues. He and Joshua are talking when their boss tries to check for any volunteers for Madea's case. He continues talking to Josh asking him about the pending wedding.
Joshua and Chuck

Assistant District Attorneys, Chuck and Josh.

He finds Josh at the diner with Candace which he introduces them. Linda and Tonya come and then Candace soon leaves which brings on an awkward moment which Tonya assumes that Josh is feeling "guilty' for people that live in the ghetto. Chuck tries to tell him to agree to disagree and change the subject which ultimately is what happens and they ordered food.

He helps Josh try to pick out spots for his honeymoon until Linda comes in and he deems he will "leave you two lovebirds alone". She asks where he is off to and he quickly just says he has a date.


  • Joshua (good friends)
  • Linda (friends)
  • Tonya (friends)
  • Candace (acquaintance)


  • "You know you gon' need a best man, right?" -to Josh


  • He is portrayed by actor Ron Reaco Lee in the film.
  • He is within his late twenties in approximate age.