China Mansell
China and Bobby in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas


African American




Bobby (ex- fiancee), and Eric (fiancee).


Japan, Lucy (Sister/Mother in law)


Lillian and John Mansell

Seen In

Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

Potrayed By

Tamar Davis

China is Lillian and John Mansell's second child and only daughter. She was engaged to Bobby Wakefield, a rich man her mom and dad picked her to marry. She's potrayed by Tamar Davis.

Background InformationEdit

China and Bobby arrived at the Mannsell's Cape Cod for Christmas that weekend. When they get there her parents and brother, Japan, also Margaret, one of the maids greets them. Margaret start to talk. China tells Bobby about how Margaret practically raised her. After that, China and her greedy mother, Lillian start catching up. Lillian starts to urge her into marrying Bobby. While China argues that her only priorities right now is finishing school and after disgusted talking with her mother, China goes in the kitchen to get some advice from Margaret. While they're talking, Margaret mentions how she wished her daughter, Lucy could be just like her. China then asked about her son, Eric. Margaret tells her that he's doing good at the state college he's going to. Margaret talks about how she won't get to see them that Christmas, cause she'll be working here. China then barges into the living room demanding her mother why does Margaret have to work that Christmas. Lillian tells her that they need the help and that she has too many things to do than stay at home for Christmas. China asks if Margaret's family can come over for Christmas. Lillian insists that Margaret's family can't come over for Christmas because it's not apart of tradition and it wouldn't be right. But China says that Bobby's not family. Lillian insists he will be if she's lucky. John and Japan came in the door and John asks what wouldn't be a good idea. China explains that its Christmas and Margaret won't get time to spend Christmas with her family. And asks if they could spend Christmas there. John says it will be a fine idea. Lillian then has a tantrum. China later calls Margaret's family, Madea and them. Then Madea, Aunt Bam, Eric, Lucy, and George come over. At the end of the play, Eric and China get together.


2011, A Madea Christmas


"My mom works my nerves sometimes".

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