Plot Edit

After school, Tiffany and her other friends are walking home from school. A few frat boys at an all boys school comes out of there frat house to tell them about a Halloween party they were having. Then, Brian, Tiffany's dad, Pulls up telling her she shouldn't walk by the frat house.Meanwhile, Aunt Bam, and Madea are outside giving candy to children. Then, Madea realizes Aunt Bam is taking candy from the children. After getting home, Brian calls Madea to get her to keep Tiffany while he goes on a business trip. Madea and Aunt Bam also bring along Joe, and Hattie. They get to Brian's house to find out that Tiffany doesn't know that they are there, and Brian wants them to lie. After Brian left, Tiffany and her friend, Aday, tried to find a way to scare everyone to trick them into going to bed early so they can go to the party.

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