"Go on! Take it!"

Aunt Bam in Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family The Play


African American




Uncle Pete


Cherry, Shirley, Joyce, Tammy, Kimberly, and Byron,Madea,Cora,Joe,Brian,Cherry,Netta,Leah

First Appearance

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family The Play.

Portrayed by

Cassi Davis


Betty Ann "Aunt Bam" Murphy is Madea's first cousin, and partner in crime. She is depicted to be similar to Madea, but slightly more promiscuous and reckless. Madea has toned down a bit over the years, but Aunt Bam is the same weed-smoking, man-loving, feisty old woman that Madea used to be before she took on a more responsible approach.

Madea on the RunEdit

In this play, this is the first mention of Aunt Bam being a mother. Usually, she lives up to her name and is seen as an aunt, great-aunt, or aunt-like figure of another character, but here she is seen to be living with her daughter Cherry and her granddaughter Netta. Her other granddaughter Leah come to visit shortly before Madea arrives while she is on the run from the police.



  • Mable (Madea) Simmons (Cousin)
  • Uncle Joe (cousin)
  • Heathrow (cousin)
  • Cora Simmons (cousin )
  • Brian Simmons (cousin )
  • William Simmons(cousin)
  • Michelle Griffin(cousin)
  • Cherry (Daughter)
  • Netta (Granddaughter)
  • Leah (Granddaughter)
  • Jacob (Son-In-Law)
  • Gloria (Niece)
  • Stewart (Ex-Nephew-In-Law)
  • Denise (Great-Niece)
  • Bryson (Great-Nephew)
  • Margaret (Niece)
  • Eric (Great-Nephew)
  • Lucy (Great-Niece)
  • Lucy's Unborn Child (Great-Great-Niece/Nephew)
  • George (Great-Nephew)
  • Shirley (Niece)
  • Donny (Great Nephew)
  • Joyce (Great Niece)
  • Monroe (Nephew)
  • Kimberly (Great-Niece)
  • Calvin (Great-Nephew-In-Law)
  • Byron (Great-Great-Nephew)
  • Byron Jr. (Great-Great-Great Nephew)
  • CJ (Great-Great Nephew)
  • Tammy (Great-Niece)
  • Harold (Great-Nephew-In-Law)
  • HJ (Great-Great Nephew)
  • Will (Great-Great Nephew)


  • She is also good friends with Hattie.
  • It is revealed that "BAM" is an acronym for Aunt Bam's initials; her full name is Betty Ann Murphy. Murphy was the last name of Madea's mother, Big Mabel Murphy, so it is heavy implied that Big Mabel was an aunt of Aunt Bam, making her the maternal cousin of Madea.
  • She is portrayed by Cassi Davis in the plays and films.
  • Despite being Madea's cousin, she is known to Cora as "Aunt Bam", Meaning although they are cousins, since Madea and Bam are best friends she refers her to Aunt.